Working with groups and subgroups can be a bit confusing when trying to look at multiple releases at the same time.

Sometimes you need a higher view, luckily to do that is really easy with SmartView.

Comparing releases

When using a User Story Map on a wall the releases are ordered from top to bottom making easy to identify which User Activities (Groups) and User Tasks (Subgroups) have been worked on so far and which stories are planned for the future releases.

The User Story Map in SmartView is meant to make really easy working with one release at a time focusing on the stories for the selected Group.

But in many situations, looking at all the releases together can help you compare which Subgroups (User Tasks, Epics) have been really busy and which have not.

The Big Picture view lets you compare all the releases together and move stories between releases making planning and reordering features a breeze.

To do so, go to the menu Big Picture .

At a glimpse

When opening Big Picture you will see a grid with releases on the left and Groups and Subgroups at the top.

You can scroll from right and left to see all your stories on each Group for one release.

If you scroll up (and have some complete releases) you will see them in green.

The last release at the bottom (in blue) is the ICE BOX showing all the stories cooling down until you decide when to plan for them.

Story zoom

In the Big Picture the User Stories look small to be able to show several groups and releases at the same time.

If you wish to see a particular story, just hover that story and you will see a small popup showing you a zoomed in version.


To access quickly to a particular Group you can choose which Groups are showing on the Big Picture.

To do so select the Group from the top bar.

In this example we can see that only Email and Contacts are selected.

Planning releases

Now that you are familiar with the Big Picture view moving stories from one release to another is really easy. Please note that only works for unfinished releases.

Just drag a story from one release to the next and the story will be moved to that release.

The target Subgroup will get highlighted. Of course you can move the story to another Subgroup if you wish so.

Happy planning!